The Vidyalaya is following the norms set up by the KVS in teaching learning process in primary wing. The process of learning is activity based. The topic are made interesting by the teachers with the help of audio-visual aids. The teaching is child oriented where every child is taken care. Bright students and late bloomers are given individual attention by the teachers concerned.

Teachers put their hard endeavors to make the subject matter interesting and easy for the children to learn and grasp. The methods followed are framed after seeing and understanding the need of every child.

They are encouraged in every field and are given exposure for participating in co-curricular activities which in turn build confidence in them.Strenghtening of primary education is followed by the teachers.

As per common Minimum programme for quality improvement of primary education our Activity Room is equipped with a computer and children friendly VCDs in English,Hindi,EVs,Maths,Flowers,Animals,Birds,Nursury Rhymes, Stories etc.The children enjoy them and learn easily. As it is a single section school an amount of Rs.1000/-per month is being spent to meet the various needs of teaching learning materials for various activities. Every teacher takes necessary materials from the I/C and conduct various activities among the children in the classrooms as well as Activity Room. The Children are encouraged by displaying their works in the classroom as well as Activity Room. The School administration is also giving proper attention to primary education. Hence child inspired learning is going on to a large extent.